Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter

A 501c3 Organization

About Us

In 2004, Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter (FOGAS) incorporated as a non-profit, charitable organization with two primary goals.  To promote the spaying and neutering of pets in Gonzales County, and to promote adoption of animals from the Gonzales Animal Shelters.

In 2004, the Cat Adoption Center was opened. It houses the cats and kittens and is located at 505 St. Francis in central Gonzales. 

Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter
505 St. Francis
Gonzales, TX 78629

Adoption Hours:  Wednesday - Friday  3:00 - 6:00 pm ,  Saturday & Sunday  1:00-4:00pm   CLOSED MONDAY & TUESDAY

CATS: Mary Anne MacLean 
[email protected] 
phone: (830) 857-1616


Our Tax Return is available upon request.  



Highlights of our accomplishments since forming in 2004.


Over 2800 pets of low income owners spay/neutered at no cost to the owners, the city or the county.

  -  Over 2750 shelter orphans spay/neutered so they could be adopted out.
  -  Over 4300 shelter dogs and cats re-homed through our own adoption efforts and those of our adoption partners.
  -  Equine efforts begun in 2008 have rescued and saved 21 horses. 

   - Managed the City dog and cat shelters for the last 3 years and  HELPED TO MAKE OUR COMMUNITY NO-KILL !!!

It?s achieving this ?no-kill? status that has made all of our hard, often dirty, work worthwhile. Communities of all sizes are striving to get there, and we ARE there. It means that healthy, adoptable pets who happen to be homeless will be safely sheltered until they are re-homed.

We achieved ?no-kill? status by using two primary tools. First we have provided free spay/neuter services for the pets of qualifying owners for seven straight years. This was done by winning grants and executing them through local veterinary clinics. Over the 7 years this has brought $270,000 into our local economy as well as lowered our shelter intake.
The second major effort was to increase our shelter adoptions from fewer than 100 per year in 2004 to just over 600 in 2010. This was done through our direct efforts and those of our rescue group teammates.