Friends of Gonzales Animal Shelter

A 501c3 Organization

In keeping with social distancing guidelines, we will continue to offer adoptions by appointment only.

Appointments available Wednesday - Sunday.

Welcome!  Please take a moment to meet our adoptable cats! 

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Rehoming Your Pet

While we hope that all pet owners are able to provide their pets with furever homes, sometimes there are circumstances that prevent this.  We're pleased to announce a NEW program through and Petco Foundation.  This program allows you to list your pet on a website and find folks in your area who are looking for a pet.  Please click the link below for more information.




It's Kitten Season

It’s KITTEN SEASON! A reminder that babies you find likely have a mom nearby...


Attention Rescuers: When you find baby kittens, rabbits, deer, whatever and you don’t see the mother…..don’t just scoop them up and assume you are rescuing them. Usually Mom is about 10-20 feet away and watching you kidnap her babies. Please be careful: In kitten season (now) we receive kittens about twice a week who are well fed and healthy and clearly had a Mom taking care of them. The best thing to do is to move the babies out of the road if necessary and then check back in an hour. Do not handle the babies or let the kids do so. Mom may reject her babies if they have a “wrong” scent. Let Mom have a chance to get her babies. We do our best to take care of the orphans we receive, but reality is that their survival chances are cut in half when they lose Mom too early. And thanks and congrats to the people who give Mom this chance and then rescue the babies if necessary.




Introducing the Litter Robot

Joshua is taking the shelter high tech!  Check out his new Litter Robot, which rotates to empty itself.  Imagine…..litter that is always clean!!  Of course Josh will be pretty busy explaining to each of his subjects just how to use this improvement.  And if you come by the shelter, he’ll be glad to demo it for you also!  

If you'd like to purchase a Litter Robot, or learn more about it, click HERE to go to their website.  There is also a $25. discount coupon for you!

NEW - Cat of the Week Promotion! 


Josh here!  And I’m announcing a new adoption   promotion. We’re going to continue our Cat of the Week (COW) program with a new COW announced each Friday on FB.  And here’s the big news:  The reigning COW will have a free adoption fee for the week….Friday through Thursday….until the next Cat of the Week is announced.  So be sure and check with us on FB on Fridays to discover our featured kitty!





We’ve just received two separate grants from Maddie’s Fund!

Million Cat Challenge is a nation wide shelter-based campaign to save the lives of 1 million cats in North America over the next five years.  It is based on five key initiatives to help shelters reduce euthanasia and increase live outcomes for shelter cats.  We are participating in the information sharing and were awarded $1000 for this effort.
Shelter Animals Count is also funded by Maddie’s Fund and is focused on getting detailed information on the intake and eventual outcome of cats and dogs going to shelters.  Getting this accurate and detailed information is central to making plans to decrease intake and increase live outcomes for these ownerless animals.  We have provided and continue to provide our shelter data and also convinced another shelter to participate and were awarded $1500 for this.
Please join us in thanking Maddie’s Fund for supporting FOGAS!


Donate Your Car To FOGAS

Donate your car to help homeless animals and receive a charity tax deduction in the process.  You'll be getting rid of a vehicle taking up space in your garage or driveway and avoid the hassle of costly repairs or selling a vehicle.  It's a winning scenario!



In addition to cars, here is a list of other vehicles that may be donated:

* Car - *Truck - *Boat - *Motorcycle - *Trailer - *RV or Motorhome - *Airplane - *ATV - *Watercraft



By making a vehicle donation you are helping us to continue our mission.  With our free spay/neuter program, over the last 12 years we have "fixed" for free approximately 6000 dogs and cats to prevent unwanted litters and homeless pets.

Click HERE to get started>

By clicking the above link you will be taken to a page that details the simple process for donating a vehicle.  First, you will call CARS at 855-500-RIDE (7433) or fill out their online form.  CARS will arrange for free, same day towing of your car, boat, or other vehicle. (running or not!).  There is NO cost to you.  Your vehicle can be picked up from your home, office or even repair shop.  

In exchange for your vehicle and signed title, the towing company will give you a tax-deductible donation receipt to use when filing your taxes.  After your vehicle is sold, CARS will provide you with a tax receipt.  (Any additional tax questions should be referred to your tax advisor/tax preparer.)


Volunteers for Sewing Wanted! 



WANTED! ~ Volunteers to do sewing for the shelter. The work would be done in your home at your own speed. We will provide supplies. The work consists of hemming and repairing blankets, making sleeping hammocks, making covers for heating pads, and other small projects. You must have your own machine. There is no pay except knowing the shelter kitties have a soft and cozy bed to sleep on this winter. If you are interested in helping, please call the shelter at 830-857-1616, or leave a message here. Thank you!